Stage 27 Presents...


Join Stage 27 for some deliciously festive fun as we delve deep into the mystical folklore of The Brothers Grimm; Take a journey with us back in time to the stories that you knew as a child - the dark yet comical fables that taught you the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, and that too many sweeties or talking to creepy old ladies with red apples could be your ultimate downfall… Stage 27 first performed some of The Grimm Tales in 2008 and we're excited to bring a different selection to you this year!


Stage 27 is proud to support St Basils this year. A spokesperson from St Basils fundraising team said: :

“St Basils is a local charity which has a 42 year track record of preventing youth homelessness in Birmingham. We work with young people aged 16-25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, helping over 5000 young people per year across the West Midlands.

We have a range of advice, prevention, accommodation, engagement and support services to help young people regain the;stability they need to rebuild their lives; At any one time we have over 400 young people living in our supported accommodation schemes - for some young people this includes their young children as well.

We have services tailored to support young residents to build confidence and gain skills, and training and employment to ensure they can break the cycle of exclusion and homelessness; We rely on charitable donations for our Learning, Skills and Work service, which is an integral part of helping young people move on successfully We need the support of our local communities to ensure we can create a brighter future for Birmingham’s young people.

Thanks for your support!”