Carmilla “Death comes to everyone…”   Join Stage27 as we journey into a chilling world of superstition.   Legend and folklore heavily govern the lives of the people in a remote mountainous region in central Europe in the nineteenth century. But is it just superstition, or are the folk talks bout to become reality?  

The Wicked Witches of Oz

The Wicked Witches of Oz Stage27 is proud to present The Wicked Witches of Oz!   Join our Dorothy as she takes a perilous journey across Oz to reach the famous Wizard with her friends Toto, Scarecrow, Tinman and Aslan the Lion (Yes he’s in the wrong story), whilst trying to dodge two hairy old


Aladdin By James Barry   Aladdin is a poor street urchin, making a living washing socks and underpants with his man-mad mum and drippy brother.  But then one day, he meets his true love, conjures up a disco-loving  genie, and finds himself and his friends trying to stop the evil Abanazer from becoming ruler of

A Christmas Twist

A Christmas Twist By The Illegitimate Players   Meet Scrooge, Tiny Twist (a gargantuan twenty-ish boy), the legendary Mr Fagin and his booty grabbing imps, Mr Bumble, the Cratchits, Little Orphan Annie, and the infamous ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future – all garishly dressed to celebrate the Christmas cheer and show old Scrooge the

Bums on Seats

Bums on Seats By Michael Snelgrove   In a tatty provincial theatre, an event garde (and somewhat messy) net play, ‘Fecund” is being staged. Join Estelle the Marketing Assistant and the Theatre’s ‘resting’ Usherettes as they delve behind the chaotic scenes to meet the motley crew of players and audience. Meet the Stage Manager, the

James and The Giant Peach

James & The Giant Peach By Roald Dahl Adapted by David Wood   After being orphaned by a rhinoceros, poor old James is sent to live with his revolting Aunt Spiker & Aunt Sponge. Filled with loneliness & treated like a slave, James meets a mysterious old man, who gives him a bag containing the

Midsummer Mysteries

Midsummer Mysteries Three One Act Productions The Edge By Steve Carley Marcus is a man teetering on a psychological edge. Haunted by the ‘gift’ of a premonition, it is only a matter of time before he discovers a terrifying truth.   They Came To A Cottage By Mary Neild A group of travellers find themselves

Robinson Crusoe and The Pirates

Robinson Crusoe and The Pirates By Paul Reakes Directed by Laura Ashfield   The Crusoe boys, Robinson and Willy, find themselves thwarted in their hopes of marrying their sweethearts. But as luck would have it, Robinson inherits his uncle’s treasure map and sails away with Willy and their mother, Ma Crusoe, in search of untold

Vintage Hitchcock

Vintage Hitchcock  By John Landry Directed by Darren Summerill and James Baldwin   “And we’re live in five, four, three, two, one…..” Welcome to the WBFR Playhouse for an evening of intrigue, political espionage and romance, as Stage 27 delves deep into the world of the Master of Suspense himself – through a very different

The Constant Wife

The Constant Wife By w. Somerset Maugham   Directed by Eleanor Latham and Loren Silk   London.  1920’s. The height of civilised society. Where husbands are husbands and wives are… constant.   Constance is calm, intelligent, and self-aware. Her husband, a successful Harley Street Doctor is being unfaithful with her best friend. Her friends know.