Vintage Hitchcock

Vintage Hitchcock 
By John Landry

Directed by Darren Summerill and James Baldwin


“And we’re live in five, four, three, two, one…..” Welcome to the WBFR Playhouse for an evening of intrigue, political espionage and romance, as Stage 27 delves deep into the world of the Master of Suspense himself – through a very different medium. It is 1953. We have had the Queen’s Coronation, the country is jubilant and everyone loves a compelling yarn at tea time around the wireless. Join Stage 27 as we take you into the world of a partially staged live vintage radio play. Tonight, we present three of Hitchcock’s early masterpieces, classics from his time on British soil. Immerse yourself and engage your imagination in the live characterisation, ominous sound effects and musical underscoring in our broadcasting WBFR studio. Are you sitting comfortably? Then our Announcer will begin.

THE LODGER – “Horrible Murder! Read all about it! Murder at Kings Cross last night – Avenger strikes again!” The year is 1888, and London is being terrorised by a serial killer named ‘TheAvenger’. Join the Buntings as they struggle to let their rooms out in their modest guesthouse in Whitechapel. Their prayers appear to have been answered by the arrival of the mysterious Mr Sleuth…. or are their nightmares just beginning?

THE LADY VANISHES – “There has been no English lady in this compartment never at any time. Apart from you”. A train is snaking across the mountains of Central Europe. Travelling home to England to be married, Iris Bennett becomes acquainted with – and then mysteriously loses, a friendly elderly lady. Shocked to discover that Miss Froy never actually existed, Iris must race against time with a gentleman friend to discover what dangers threaten their beloved country…

THE 39 STEPS – “I’m here to save a secret. A very important secret for this country”. Accused of murder and charged with a duty to save England, Richard Hannay must race across the country to do so, dodging bullets, enemies and the authorities whilst being shackled to a reluctant female companion. What is the secret of The 39 Steps, and how far will someone go to get it?